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It’s not too often that the women of bodybuilding catch our eye. So, when we heard about this smoking hot bodybuilder from China, we had to see her for ourselves.

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Mou Cong, a bodybuilding champ hailing from Xuzhou in China’s Jiangsu Province, has recently been dubbed the “prettiest bodybuilder” by the media in her homeland. The 32-year-old is garnering quite a bit of attention after winning the figure D class amateur at the 2017 Arnold Classic, a bodybuilding competition put on by Arnold Schwarzenegger, which has been held annually in Columbus, Ohio, since 1989. Next to the Olympia, it’s pretty much the biggest contest in the U.S.

Normally when you think of bodybuilding, it’s easy to think strictly of muscles and veins, but this here, is a rare case. Just see for yourself.


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It's not easy for us meet in the BIG world 🌎 @arnoldsports #asf2017 #figure

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Feel bad but looks good😪

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A journey of one thousand miles begins with one step🐌…

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