A hotel waitress was fired after her manager found her naked in Orlando Bloom’s suite Instagram Screenshot

Orlando Bloom may not be the hotshot A-lister that he once was back in the mid-2000s, but that still doesn’t mean he still doesn’t fraternize with absolute 10s.

In fact, apparently his desirability was enough to get one waitress fired, as The Sun reports. 21-year-old Viviana Ross, who’s a waitress at Chiltern Firehouse in London, was fired via text message after a manager discovered her naked in Bloom’s five-star hotel suite.

According to a friend of Viviana’s, she doesn’t regret the night of ?night of incredible sex” she had with the Pirates of the Caribbean star:

?After her shift on the Friday night she got changed into normal clothes, left the bar and bumped into Orlando outside.

?They chatted and he asked her to join him in his room for a drink. Of course she said ?Yes?.

?She said it was like fireworks were going off between them. In the room they had a gin and tonic and then started kissing.

?He made the first moves. He?d been staying at the hotel for five days and the sexual tension had been building up.

?In the morning he left early for an interview and Viviana stayed in bed ? but that was a mistake.?

We’re guessing that Viviana won’t have any problems landing a modeling gig in the near future.

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