After she was trolled by a guy on Instagram, this Instagram model went right to his mom to set things straight Instagram screen shot

As long as there has been social media, there have been trolls. And for some reason or another, they have nothing better to do with their lives than to try and ruin the lives of other people. This Instagram hottie had the one of the best responses to any troll that we’ve seem by far, and it’s not even close.

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After one of her followers left disparaging remarks on some of her pics, Zoe Pugh, a senior at Penn State University, found his mom’s account on IG and sent her a message, letting her know her son had been giving her a rough time. Score one for the good guys.

It’s still baffling to know that people follow others on social media just to badmouth them and put them down in an attempt to make themselves feel better. Pretty damn crazy. And what’s even crazier, Pugh is pretty freaking hot, so we can’t figure out what the hell this punk’s problem is, other than he’s probably pissed some girl at school broke his heart, so he’s taking it out on all women or something.

Either way, it must feel pretty shitty to get stuffed into a locker by a perfect 10.

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