Australian Prank group “Eighty83Three” thrust themselves onto the internet landscape earlier this year with an odd trend in which the quartet of hotties would video themselves smacking their friends in the private parts.

They called it the “pussy slap,” and it was a total Jackass rip off, except for the fact that Jadeey, Amanda, Isabelle and Helen are all super hot. And that adds a completely different element to the genre, one that’s earned them a burgeoning social media following and led to virtually every video they put out going viral.

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The girls’ latest video antics, drawing penises on the faces of their sleeping roommates and slapping cell phones out of strangers’ hands, are also very similar to the tomfoolery of Johnny Knoxville and the gang. But you have to admit, when it’s hot chicks acting like annoyingly drunk college kids, it’s a home run every time.

Here’s a look at the likely reason behind Eighty83Three’s popularity.

Australian prankster group Eighty83Three is like Jackass with hot girls @eighty83threeofficial/Instagram

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