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Emily Ratajowski may be one of the hottest women this side of the galaxy, but she’s not really interested in riding that particular wave towards big screen Hollywood stardom.

In an interview for the May issue of Marie Claire, the outspoken sex symbol and perpetual men’s magazine covergirl, whose acting credits include Gone Girl and Entourage, talked about the direction she’d rather her film career went in.

“I am way more interested in working with unexpected and cool directors on interesting projects than being in this big studio movie where you’re in a bikini,” Ratajowski said. “I turn down a lot of movies, but I have to fight for the ones that I really want.”

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Ratajowski said she’s also at odds with the way she’s viewed, suggesting that the moniker sex symbol doesn’t completely define her.

“In every profile written about me, there is, ‘She’s so sexual and she’s such a sex symbol,’ paired with, ‘But, wow, she knows about politics.’ And that in itself is sexist. Why does it have to be one or the other?”

The plight of the beautiful. Something tells us she won’t be winning much sympathy with that dilemma. Especially not when every photo you see of her looks better than the next.

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