Good golly, Jess Molly! This Australian model is an uncaged smokeshow in Zoo magazine photo shoot YouTube Screenshot

It really is a colossal shame that Australian hottie Jess Molly doesn’t really seem to do much modeling these days. She’s got no Instagram account to speak of — which you pretty much need nowadays if you want to be any sort of relevant model —  and a quick Google search shows that she hasn’t done any recent photo shoots.

But hey, we’ll always have her Zoo magazine shoot from a couple years back, and what a photo shoot it is.

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We hope this isn’t too big of an ask, Jess, but please, for the love of God, get yourself an Instagram account. The people need more Jess Molly and we can only watch a 1:50 YouTube video so many times.

But until then, a few more times can’t hurt, right?

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