Hailey Baldwin sat on a toilet as part of a photo shoot, but here’s why it pissed off her fans @haileybaldwin/Instagram

A photo of model Hailey Baldwin is causing a bit of a social media uproar for more than just the usual hot chick reasons.

On Thursday, Baldwin posted a cover for the magazine Inprint showing her sitting on the toilet. The problem, for many of her 9.6 million followers, is that her panties were around her ankles and she was sitting on the lid of the toilet seat, meaning the lid was down. And the negative commentary came in droves.

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Innocent enough and obviously shot in jest, as the magazine’s founder and the shoot’s stylist, Megha Kapoor, pointed out.

“The story is about intimate moments with her and her letting her guard down — she has a great sense of humor and this was an image I loved aesthetically and even more as it’s a bit tongue and cheek,” Kapoor said. “If anything it’s more of a comment about her always being on the phone rather than on the loo!”

The 20-year-old daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin apparently took the backlash in stride and didn’t even bother posting so much as a witty retort. Easy to do when you look like her.

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