Alexandria Daddario snagged the role of a lifetime in Baywatch, but she’s still trying to find love on Tinder @alexandradaddario/Instagram

Alexandra Daddario has upped her profile about a thousand percent with the upcoming summer reboot of Baywatch.

The 31-year-old actress says people are recognizing her more now than ever, but she admits that that’s not always a good thing. Specifically when it comes to dating.

“I date, but I’m really nervous around boys. I get very tentative,” she told Women’s Health recently, adding that she even joined Tinder in the hopes of finding true love. “I thought maybe I’d find the love of my life there. But people have recognized me and it’s embarrassing.”

Daddario plays a rookie lifeguard in the film who’s also the love interest of Efron’s character, and they share some passionate on-screen moments. So it’s only natural that the rumor mill would link the two romantically, but she’s unwilling to confirm or deny the possibility.

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She’s much more inclined to discuss having to transform her body into tip top swimsuit form for the movie, saying as soon as she got the role she was asked to put on weight to look more defined and had to hire a trainer.

“Really, I’ve never done anything where I’ve thought about my body as much,” she admitted. “You are literally in a bikini the entire day. I even wore a swimsuit when I auditioned with Zac. It was kind of amazing the transformation I went through.”

The four and five days a week workout regimen worked miracles, though, and she was so satisfied with the results that she decided to keep her new figure by continuing to workout regularly, albeit on a much lighter basis.

Baywatch opens May 25 in the US. Here’s a look at Daddario’s new swimsuit bod.

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