Don’t try this cheesy pick-up line on Victoria Robinson, or you’ll never stand a chance Instagram Screenshot

You may not have heard of Victoria Robinson, but the smokeshow model definitely makes her way around the A-list circuit. Back in 2016, she dated Leo DiCaprio (hear that guys with dad bods? You may just have a chance).

In an interview with Maxim, Ms. Robinson shared her turn-ons and turn-offs. Basically anything you’d need to know to get a chance at dating her. Not like you’d stand a chance of dating her anyway, but it’s good to know these things. Here’s a few of the highlights:

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What’s the worst pick-up line you’ve ever heard?
Are you from Tennessee? Cause you’re the only ten I see.

Duly noted.

How can a man catch your attention?
Confidence and humor. I also love someone who can make me nervous, in a good way.

We could definitely make her nervous. Maybe not in a good way though.

What’s your ideal date?
A spontaneous trip to a warm beachy place with great food.

Ah ok, so the typical hot model date. No surprise there.

What’s your favorite thing to do in the bedroom?
Cuddling in a warm blanket watching a movie (typical).

Netflix and chill with Victoria Robinson? Yes please.

What’s your guiltiest pleasure?
Hot cheetos!

Brb, going to stock up on a million bags of hot cheetos.

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