Erin Andrews finally shares some bikini pictures, and they confirm what we already knew @erinandrews/Instagram

Erin Andrews might be the most attractive media personality that’s never (knowingly) shown very much skin.

But the 39-year-old Fox NFL sideline reporter has thankfully done an about face on that front with her appearance in the July/August issue of Health magazine. In it, Andrews cements what many of us already knew to be true with a whole host of bikini pics that show she’s got a rockin’ body to go along with that gorgeous face.

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In addition to her work on NFL sidelines, Andrews also co-hosts Dancing With the Stars, which she explains balances out her career and gives her the confidence to operate in a male-dominated arena.

“I wanna be the female Michael Strahan,” she says about her career taking a new direction with DTWS, adding that her role with the TV show, which she’s been hosting since 2014, provides her with a welcomed interlude from the scrutiny of being a woman covering pro football. “Is she being too silly? Is she being too sexy? Does she really know the game? The balance [that DWTS provides] for me is really important.”

Andrews’ interview with Health covers a lot of ground, including her cancer scare, stalker trial and impending marriage to former NHL star Jarret Stoll. You can check out the rest of it here. Oh yeah, and here are some more bikini pics from her shoot. Can’t forget those.

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