Ever since she did the first Underworld movie in 2003, Kate Beckinsale has occupied a spot on the list of Hollywood’s hottest women.

The 43-year-old Brit posted some vacation pictures to Instagram recently and it’s fair to say that all these years later, she’s barely even aged. She could easily pass for someone’s twenty-something daughter.

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Beckinsale’s own daughter Lily, also an actress, went along on the vacation, which must have caused a bit of a stir. Imagine all the annoying questions she must get about her mother being her sister? Flattering for Kate, but maybe not so much for the daughter.

really busy day

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bant szn

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Beckinsale just finished the fourth installment of the Underworld series, Underworld: Blood Wars, and if you’ve seen any of the films, you know that her character’s form-fitting outfits require a rather svelte physique. And, based on these vacation photos, she’s still in tip top movie shape.

Float float and some funny marks on your bum when you get up

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Happy oh happy

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Kate Beckinsale hit the beach with her daughter, and we can definitely see the family resemblance @katebeckinsale/Instagram
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