Olivia Munn is now eating beef jerky for a living, and we can’t look away Instagram/Olivia Munn
Instagram/Olivia Munn

If you’ve got a case of the Mondays, have no fear, Olivia Munn is here and selling you beef jerky.

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Fresh off her breakup with NFL star Aaron Rodgers, Munn is turning up the heat as a “Master Jerky Sommelier” for Chef’s Cut Real Jerky and is advising consumers to debag or else be a d-bag.

YouTube/Chef’s Real Cut Jerky

Yes, this is actually her pitch.

“Debagging is very important,” she says. “Only d-bags don’t debag.”

In case you’re unfamiliar with the term sommelier, it’s a waiter/waitress who is in charge of tending to and selling wines or who, more simply, is a wine steward.

Munn began her sell by saying that being a “Master Jerky Sommelier” is a calling, while holding up a bag of jerky to her ear and “listening” to it.

YouTube/Chef’s Real Cut Jerky

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She just has so many thoughts about beef jerky.

So, what else has Ms. Munn been up to lately? Munn in the sun.

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… 🍺🏓 B O S S

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