Sophie Turner said Game of Thrones provided her with an unusual sex education Família Twilight BR via Twitter

Sophie Turner probably missed a lesson or two of sex education having spent her entire adolescence on the set of Game of Thrones.

But the 21-year-old actor, who’s rather conveniently played Sansa Stark on the hit HBO show since she was 13, says the role has served as a sort of de facto tutorial on the bird and the bees.

?The first time I found out about oral sex was reading the Game of Thrones script,” she told the Sunday Times. “I was 13. I said, ‘Wow! People do that? That’s fascinating.’ I guess that was my sex education. Being on Game of Thrones.?

And at times, like when her character was raped in Season 5 in 2015, those lessons may have moved a bit too fast. The highly controversial scene sparked a massive backlash, which gave her mixed feelings about it.

“Sexual assault wasn?t something that had affected me or anybody I knew, so I was pretty blasé about the whole thing – naively so,? she continued. ?And then I shot the scene, and in the aftermath there was this huge uproar that we would depict something like that on television. My first response was like, maybe we shouldn?t have put that on screen at all.?

The highly anticipated Season 7 of  Game of Thrones begins July 17 on HBO.

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