If being sexy were a 9-5 job, Keleigh Sperry would be racking up some serious overtime Instagram Screenshot

Actor Miles Teller has built himself a rather nice résumé in Hollywood, appearing in films such as Fantastic Four, Whiplash and The Divergent series. And while he has yet to take home a coveted Academy Award for one of his roles, it’s who he brought to the Oscars in 2015 that’s still turning heads.

That’s right, Teller pretty much made his relationship with model Keleigh Sperry officially public when he brought her as his Oscars plus one a couple years ago, and they’ve been going strong ever since.

Sperry may not have any acting credits under her belt (save for an uncredited role in some video short called “Opeth: The Devil’s Orchard.” Thanks, IMDB.), but her modeling acumen pretty much speaks for itself.

Just see for yourself.

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