Believe it or not, smokeshow model Uldouz Wallace is also pursuing a career in comedy Instagram screen shot

It’s not enough for Uldouz Wallace to be breathtakingly beautiful, but she’s pretty damn funny too. The Iranian born model was recently featured in Maxim for the “What a Beautiful Girl Wants” segment, where she dished what she’s looking for in a man, how to approach her and a few of her guilty pleasures.

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The 35-year-old has been featured in a few films, but social media is where she’s garnered millions of followers. She’s racked up 4.4 million followers on Instagram alone. Not a bad way to promote her budding comedy career.

“My ideal date would be with The Rock, just kidding,” Wallace said. “Somewhere warm on the beach, getting massages and drinking.”

If you’re looking for an in and would like some advice on how to approach her, you’re in luck, considering she shared a tip on how to slide into her Twitter DMs.

“Say something supportive and funny instead of being a creeper,” she said.

Once you get passed that initial, the best ways to Wallace’s heart are with “pizza, food, alcohol and chocolate.”

BRB, time to hit up the grocery store.

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Hi my loves! This has been weighing heavy on my heart so I thought why don't I write about it. So I've been told that I shouldn't post bikini pics, cause my curves are too much & it's considered grotesque or vulgar & that for my comedy brand I shouldn't be so visually appealing, I find this unfair that slimmer women can post similar pics or men in general can post half naked pics & not be judged like that, this is who I am & the way I was built, small boobs and bigger hips but according to the mainstream media I'm too curvy. I'm always being told I'm not enough of something, I'm not slim enough, I'm not fit enough, I'm not tall enough, stop being sexy, stop being so goofy, women shouldn't be funny, give all your ideas to the guys let them do it (this pisses me off the most) the list goes on and on. All I know is how to be myself & I shouldn't have to try to fit into something that I'm not. Always stay true to yourself & be yourself, that's all you got. You can accomplish any dream you may have, you just have to work really hard for it, just know that that's what you want cause once you're there, there's no turning back & people will try to paint you out to be something you're not. Stay prepared ❤ Love You All #fighthepower #theonlywayforchange

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