Getting bitten by a shark becomes the highlight of this Instagram model’s trip to the Bahamas miss.everywhere/Instagram

Swimming with the pigs would have been the highlight of a German travel blogger and Instagram hottie’s recent trip to the Bahamas if she hadn’t also gotten bitten by a shark.

Mareen, who writes about her travels on her blog, says swimming with the pigs on a tiny island called Major Cay, where they live wild and free on an unpopulated beach, was on her bucket list. And it was the focal point of the entire adventure until she got in the water with sharks in Compass Cay and got bitten by one.

“My highlight on that day besides the pigs was swimming with sharks,” she wrote. “…which was very fun until one got a little hungry and decided to bite me. I cannot tell you the second of shock I felt when I saw this shark opening his mouth grabbing my hand. People always tell you when a shark attacks you you should stay calm. Let me tell you in reality when it happens there is nothing like staying calm you completely freak out.”

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Mareen, however, was fortunate enough to escape with just a minor injury — a scar on her finger in the shape of a shark’s tooth. And her blog is really an interesting follow, filling in the gaps between her many bikini-clad uploads. But if you’re not a really a big fan of text, her Instagram feed has you covered.

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