Instagram babe said to have partied with Tiger Woods the night of his arrest claims that she doesn’t even know him @lacikaysomers/Instagram

The rumors that Tiger Woods is involved with model Laci Kay Somers are apparently just that.

The Instagram sensation, who has a whopping 8 million followers on the platform, tells TMZ that she was not with Tiger Woods just prior to his DUI arrest in Juniper, Florida over the holiday weekend, despite reports to the contrary.

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Initial reports of the incident said the two were hanging out Monday before Woods was busted, and they were also linked romantically back in March. Somers, however, says not only was she in L.A. all weekend with her mother, she also insists she’s never even met Woods.

Blonde and all kinds of hot just like Tiger’s ex-girlfriend Lindsey Vonn and his ex-wife Ellen Nordegren, she’s definitely his type. All of which really sucks for him, as these Instagram shots of the sizzling stunner clearly demonstrate.

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