Instagram fitness model accused of using fake weights, but when you look like her, who really cares? @graoficial/Instagram

If Brazilian fitness model Gracyanne Barbosa really used fake weights in Instagram posts of her workouts, is it really that big a deal?

Powerlifter Bradley Castleberry was recently called out for the same thing, but there’s at least one glaring difference there: Barbosa’s a hot model and Castleberry’s a powerlifter. It’s highly unlikely that more than a couple of her 5 million Instagram followers give a damn how much she can lift when she’s got it like this.

She didn’t get abs like that from camping out on the couch and playing video games. In any case, YouTube channel Nick’s Strength and Power put out a video showing Barbosa squatting what she claimed to be 500 pounds, a claim they attempt to shoot down.

Whatever you’re feelings on the matter, Barbosa’s following has seen a bit of an uptick in numbers since the controversy first broke. Which could either be the result of morbid curiousity or the more probable “she’s fine as hell” groundswell.

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