Instagram model who called out an NFL star for messaging her has no idea why guys “even TRY” karen_vi/Instagram

An Instagram model named Karen Villarreal who has more than one million followers publicly called out Pittsburgh Steelers star running back Le’Veon Bell, who has a girlfriend and a child, for sending a direct message that said “Hello gorgeous.”

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Not only did she roll her eyes at Bell’s attempt, she also responded with apparent shock that any dude, let alone an athlete with a girlfriend, would “even TRY” to talk to her on Instagram.


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“I will never understand why dudes or athletes, especially those gf’s even TRY. Truly makes me sick,” she said.

“Didn’t he actually just have a baby with a beautiful girl?!” she continued.

She is right about that. Le’Veon Bell’s girlfriend did give birth in January.

She ended the public shaming with a “Bye, Felipe.”


The people want to know: does she really not get why men would “even TRY” to talk to her?

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