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With Insta-famous models becoming a dime-a-dozen, it’s only fitting we pay homage to one of the pioneers in the game of making-a name-for-yourself-by-showing-off-your-smoking-hot-body-on-Instagram.

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The beauty in question is Jen Selter, and apparently she’s out to remind us just how incredible she is.

Just within the past week, she’s posted some real heat-seekers, with a nice mix of see-through dresses, barely there bikinis and yoga pants. Or as we call it, just Jen being Jen.

The 23-year-old fitness model is best know for her amazing backside, and luckily, she’s showing off much more of it than she normally does. So needless to say we’re very thankful, for both her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Look back at it πŸ‘€

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✌🏼 LA, off to Tulum ✈️ Long time no #Seltering 😜

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See ya tomorrow LA πŸ™‚

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