Meet the girl from the Philippines who’s being called the world’s hottest Uber driver @joycertadeo/Instagram

27-year-old Joyce Tadeo is being called the world’s hottest Uber driver, and she makes a pretty great case for the title. A former medical rep for a pharmaceutical company who hails from Manila in the Philippines, Tadeo’s been blowing up the internet as more and more passengers spread the word, as well as cell phone pics, of the smokin’ hot Uber driver that just carted them around.

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That’s definitely not your average chauffeur. Tadeo says she loves all the attention and flattery she’s been getting from passengers, but that’s where it ends (sorry guys).

“Passengers normally have a man who picks them up. When I arrive they’re quite shocked,” Tadeo says. “I love the attention and the feeling of being liked. I’m happy to have pictures with passengers and I’m genuinely flattered by the compliments…There are a lot of guys who want my number but I just smile and laugh it off. I haven’t tried dating any because there are strict rules about drivers and passengers.”

We can only imagine. Here are some more Instagram images of the sexiest Uber driver we’ve ever seen.

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