Sweden shows why it may have more hot women per capita than anywhere in the world with these smokin’ hot pilots @flymalin/Instagram

Sweden is known to house one of the world’s top populations of beautiful women per capita.

The Swedish Bikini Team notwithstanding, they say you can find more hot women there working everyday jobs than almost anywhere else in the world. It lines up pefectly, then, that Sweden would be home to three gorgeous airline pilots — Maria Pettersson, Malin Rydqvist and Maria Fagerstrom — who all have their own sizzling  Instagram accounts.

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Gives a whole new slant to the mile high club. Unfortunately, somebody has to fly the plane. When they’re not manning jet planes, all three of these Nordic hotties enjoy yoga and obviously traveling. Here are some more images of three of the sexiest commercial pilots you’ll ever lay eyes on.

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