Swedish woman loses 56 pounds and becomes an Instagram sensation @jellydevote/Instagram
  1. A Swedish woman who was once overweight has transformed herself into a fitness model and become an Instagram sensation after losing some 56 pounds.

Asa English, 26, says she became motivated to change her life when, coupled with being disgusted by a bikini picture of herself, her grandmother told her she had gained a lot of weight. She then decided to start eating right and hit the gym.

“I hated myself and thought I looked horrible,” she told The Sun. “I almost didn’t recognize myself and realized then I needed to change…Then as well, my grandma just said, ‘you have gained a lot of weight’ and when your grandma that always wants to feed you with loads of food, thinks you’ve got big – that hurts. I wasn’t happy that’s why I chose to start working out.”

She now has 429,000 followers on Instagram and keeping fit has become her life’s passion.

“I have no idea how much I ate and I never went to the gym whatsoever,” she said about her former self. “I stopped with alcohol and started to cook my food instead, so I always make sure I eat healthy. I go to the gym and now I am lighter and happy and healthy. I now work with my biggest passion, which is fitness.”

It’s obviosuly working wonders for her.

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