That waitress who got fired for hooking up with Orlando Bloom has one seriously smoking hot Instagram page Instagram Screenshot

Remember that waitress who got fired from her job at a swanky London hotel for hooking up with Orlando Bloom? Well, a little snooping around her Instagram account makes you realize that she wasn’t the only lucky one in this scenario.

It turns out that the actor scored pretty big himself. Her name is Viviana Ross and she’s a 21-year-old aspiring actress with an exotic mix of Irish and Romanian ancestry. And she’s actually got an acting credit to her name, having starred in the independent action film One Shot Left earlier this year.

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She’s definitely got the sultry thing down. It’s no surprise, though, that Bloom was the aggressor, waiting for her outside of the hotel and moving in for the kill when she finished her shift. Surely, the hotel had rules against employees cavorting with guests, but it’s hard to place the blame on either one of them. Come on, he’s a star. And as you can see here, she looks like one.

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