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Fitness model Amanda Lee has one of the most follow-worthy accounts on Instagram, which is rather evident from her nearly nine million followers. So, that’s a fairly good indication that she’s one of the most desired woman on the internet.

Not that any of us would really have much of a chance anyway, but in an interview with Maxim, Lee revealed some of the things she looks for in a dude.

“I like when a guy dresses well and is confident. It’s all about how you carry yourself. I especially notice when a guy has a good sneaker game,” she said when she was asked how a man could catch her attention.

She also went on to share a little tidbit of advice:

“Be sweet! Guys think I hear compliments all the time so they want to stand out and be aloof, but I don’t like that.”

So guys, if your ever visiting Los Angeles and run into Amanda, make sure you bring a strong sneaker game and throw her a few compliments. Not like you’d have any problems doing the latter.

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