J-Lo probably won’t be too happy when she finds out what A-Rod’s allegedly been doing with his fitness model ex Twitter Screenshot

Alex Rodriguez’s reputation for bed hopping may have just doomed his sparkly new relationship with Jennifer Lopez.

The National Enquirer (we know, it’s not exactly the NY Times) is reporting that the former Yankees slugger has been sexting his fitness model former girlfriend Lauren Hunter behind J-Lo’s back. The two reportedly had a brief affair back in 2011 when Rodriguez was dating actress Cameron Diaz and have kept in contact since.


The supermarket tabloid’s story also goes on to make some pretty startling claims. Among them, that after A-Rod and Lopez started dating in March, he ?began FaceTiming (Hunter) three or four times a day and she was sending him explicit messages and photos.?

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Hunter, who has three children including one with former football star Marcus Allen, also said that in May Rodriguez asked her to fly out to Kansas City, where he was working as a baseball analyst for Fox Sports, while Lopez was in New York., the National Enquirer’s sister publication, published some even juicier info. Hunter asserts that Rodriguez didn’t speak too fondly of J-Lo, calling her a “40-something woman” and laughing and sticking his tongue out when she asked if their relationship was real. There was also the time in 2011, Hunter claims, that A-Rod offered her $20,000 in exchange for her participation with another woman he was seeing.


But she says she grew tired of his constant philandering and told him to leave her alone.

‘”I was like if we’re not going to be in a relationship, leave me alone because you don’t get anything out of me,” she said. “You’re not getting sex.”

A source close to the third baseman is reportedly dismissing Hunter’s accusations, saying “He and Jennifer are together all the time. Every week the magazines write something ridiculous about their relationship, last week they were getting married, she?s pregnant. It?s laughable.?


Meanwhile, Hunter’s interview comes on the heels of another scandal involving A-Rod. According to TMZ, he was recently contacted by a woman who was attempting to extort $600,000 from him in exchange for not releasing old text messages they shared when they were involved.

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