Johnny Manziel is still up to his old ways, but at least his latest party pal is a total babe Instagram Screenshot

NFL reject and all-around party boy Johnny Manziel is up to his old tricks. Johnny Football was spotted partying it up on a yacht with smoking hot Instagram model Ashlen Alexandra on the sunny waters of Miami. It’s hard to hate on the guy, but it’s so easy at the same time. Actually, yeah, it’s mostly pretty easy.

The former Cleveland Brown quarterback was smoking and drinking, and it makes you wonder if he’ll ever make it back to the league. Considering his latest stint in court, it’s not looking too likely.

One thing we can’t deny though is his eye for the ladies. It almost seems as if he’s kicking it with a different model on a weekly basis. The flavor of the week this time around just so happens to be Ashlen. We’re not quite sure what she sees in him, but it’s a no-brainer as to what he sees in her.

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