More often than not you hear stories of fighters avoiding sex, in an attempt not to take their focus away from the goal at hand. But apparently things are a little different when it comes to women.

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Not only is Mia Kang a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, but she’s also a Muay Thai fighter. In a recent interview with the New York Post, she revealed some pretty interesting stuff.

“When females have sex, testosterone levels increase,” said Kang. “So the recommendation is to have as much sex as possible before you fight.”

If it had this same effect on men, it would be the most important revelation since the invention of the wheel. Kang is currently in a mysterious place, as her next opponent is unknown at this point. But that hasn’t stopped her from preparing for the next fight.

“I won’t know who my opponent is until the day of the fight,” she said. “But that is good because I can only focus on training. Besides, she should be afraid of me.”


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Mhm she know she bad.

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Mueve Las Caderas.

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This Muay Thai fighter has a “sexy” training regimen we can all get on board with Instagram screen shot
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