She quit her teacher’s assistant job to become a professional twerker, and we’d say it’s worked out well for her Instagram Screenshot

A few years back, Jessica Vanessa quit her job as a teacher’s assistant to become a professional twerking. You read that right…a professional twerker. We didn’t know such a thing existed, but apparently it does, and it’s actually quite the lucrative field.

Per Complex:

First, Vanessa claims to be earning a six-figure income off of her six-second videos, according to the Daily Mail. Second, she has 1.9 million followers on Vine. And third, apparently a countless amount of advertisers are throwing down stacks to get her to mention their products—presumably before or after she begins twerking—which is actually sort of surprising because 75% of her Vines are just really bad jokes.

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Since first blowing up in 2014, Jessica has let continued to be somewhat of a social media star. Even though Vine isn’t a thing anymore, Jessica has taken to Instagram to boost her following. And while she’s not twerking as much as she used to (and has now gone from blonde to brunette), she’s still bringing the heat, which is really all that matters.

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