SI Swimsuit model Mia Kang is hoping to break into the world of MMA Instagram Screenshot

There’s nothing sexier than a beautiful women that can kick some serious ass. Which is way Mia Kang may have a bright future ahead of her.

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The swimsuit model is looking to join the ranks of MMA, like other hotties Paige VanZant and Miesha Tate. Kang has apparently reached the pinnacle of her modeling career, after appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue earlier this year.

According to MMA Fighting, Kang has some experience training in Muay Thai, so when she felt a void in her life, she decided to head back to Thailand.

“I just wanted to go to Thailand and be in the sun,” Kang said. “Muay Thai and living in a training camp and going through all that, it taught me to respect my body. It brought me out of everything I was going through. Even basic things like eating three meals a day ? I learned how to do that. I found strength in my body that I never knew I had. I saw things in my body ? I had a six pack at one point ? never in my life did I think I was gonna ave a six pack. It really gave me my self confident and really helped me rid a lot of insecurities that were weighing me down my whole life.”

For those thinking this is a gimmick, it’s quite the contrary. Kang has been training for years and actually just won her first professional fight by TKO earlier this month. If she does decide to make the move from the runway to the octagon, we’ll be eager to see what she’s all about.


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