Smokeshow Sofia Bevarly has been spending an awful lot of time around Dan Blizerian, and we’re sure this won’t last long Instagram Screenshot

As you might know (or maybe you don’t, so we’re here to tell you), Dan Blizerian is not really one of those guys who’s into the whole monogamy thing. Just scroll through his Instagram page and you’ll be hard pressed to find a photo of him with a girl who is not also surrounded by about a half-dozen scantily clad girls. So, when we saw him in a couple beachside solo shots with Instagram babe Sofia Bevarly, we were more than just a little bit surprised.

It’s true, the pair has been spending a lot of time around each other, but is this the one Dan is finally going to settle down with? Hell no. They’re probably not even exclusive. He’ll probably be on to the next one by this time next week.

Most guys would give their left foot to get a chance with a girl like Sofia, but to Dan, she’s just another blip on his smokeshow radar.

Just all the more reason to hate him.

#HappySaturday 🌴 #wishingiwasinbimini

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Messy hair and makeup makes the perfect boat day 🙆🏼🛥📸

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First picture being 20🎂

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