This Miami Marlins fan who gave a St. Louis Cardinals pitcher an eyeful is really soaking up her 15 minutes of fame YouTube Screenshot

Yesterday, we brought you the most important baseball news item of the week in this Miami Marlins fan who decided to distract St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Brett Cecil with a little behind-the-plate action. Here’s another look at it for those of you who might need a refresher:

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22-year-old Korina Evaniuk, who was the guest of Marlins superfan Marlins Man, is really basking in her 15 minutes of fame, as evidenced in her interview with Inside Edition .

Hopefully, Dad doesn’t ever find out about his daughter’s sexy TV moment, but with news traveling the way it does these days, he’s bound to find out sooner or later.

But speaking of major league bummers, here’s what the Marlins had to say about the incident:


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