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It’s okay to have standards, and it’s even okay to have a few ground rules for dating someone. But the line needs to be drawn somewhere, and apparently this model didn’t get the memo.

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Jane Ainsworth is a lingerie model from the United Kingdom who recently starred on a British TV show called First Dates, where she revealed her 22-point checklist for the ideal date. And it’s a real doozy.

1. No snorers
2. No pensioners
3. No midgets
4. No one unemployed
5. No one with a wife or girlfriend
6. No minors
7. Someone with banter
8. Someone that can socialize
9. Someone who can drive properly
10. No relationship rules or restrictions
11. Someone not controlling
12. Easygoing
13. Doesn’t live with their parents
14. No baggage
15. Someone who can drink
16. No smokers
17. No steroids
18. No tattoos
19. Low sex drive
20. No one miserable
21. No one with a pyscho ex
22. No one who’s tight

Good luck getting through this iron-clad checklist. But, if you are one of the lucky ones that’s able to qualify, odds are there’s a little bit of crazy at the end of the tunnel. While she is freakishly hot, any woman with a list like that, or who makes a list to begin with, has to have something wonky going on.

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