This mom often gets mistaken for her son’s girlfriend, and it’s easy to see why @queenyelin/Instagram

Everybody’s got one in there circle of friends. Someone with a mom that’s so hot, she routinely gets mistaken for her son’s girlfriend.

Liu Yelin is one such cougar. The 49-year-old Chinese mother of a 22-year-old son, who says she rarely wears makeup, attributes her youthful appearance to her status as a fitness junkie with an extreme passion for swimming.

“People are often shocked to find out I’m almost 50,” Liu told Daily Mail. “Whenever I went shopping and told people my real age, I often got mobbed by strangers who wanted to find out my secrets.”

To give you an idea of how serious she is about fitness and swimming, Liu swam the 7.45 miles between the shores of Penang, Malaysia and the Strait of Malacca last year in just 4 hours.

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“I swim in the lake and do weight training every day,” she said. “My favourite thing is swimming outdoors in winter. When everyone was wearing down jackets, I had to strip down to my bikini and dive into freezing water. It’s a test for my will and perseverance. I often had to force myself to do it.”

And her wrinkle-free complexion has not only attracted a social media following of 75,000, dozens of directors have lobbied to get her on their programs. Take a look at her some of her pics and you’ll quickly understand why.

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To my young student @zhentin9 don't be lazy by eating (diet only). For my lifestyle, I trained my fitness first before my diet! This is how the fitness and health cycle works with the help of me! Bingo!!! 🏃⛹🏋💪💦👟➡🍚🍜🍛🍝🍕🌮 对我的年轻学生Zhenting不要因为吃饭而懒惰(仅限饮食)。对于我的生活方式,我先训练我的健身,然后才能饮食!这是健身和健康周期如何在我的帮助下工作!Bingo!!! 🏃⛹🏋💪💦👟➡🍚🍜🍛🍝🍕🌮 #fitnessforward #fitnessgoddess #fitnessgoal #fitnesslove #fitnessfun #fabulousfit #strongfit #modelfit #modelfitness #fitnessmodeling #fitfashion #fitforfashion #fashionfit #fitstrong #modelstyle #modellifestyle #fashionisto #instafashionista #instafashionist #covermodel #fashionfabulous #modelmayhem #modelshoot #modelshot #modelphotography #modelphotoshoot #fashionmodelling #fashionmodeling #freelancemodel #modelingagency

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