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If Carina Linn, a 23-year-old from Taipei, Taiwan, is in fact the world’s sexiest nurse, as she’s being called after posting some pretty hot photos to Instagram, we’ll soon find out.

There’s no shortage of truth-tellers and critics on social media, especially when it comes to women. That said, she can expect to be evaluated ad auseum over the coming days. Her Instagram pics have nonetheless gone viral and she’s currently got 302,000 folowers.

Linn has gotten so much play, in fact, she’s been forced to defend herself against the many trolls who’ve been criticizing her for being a professional and posting such racy photos.

And her response was rather vehement.

“I’m not taking pictures because I’m trying to be famous,” she wrote. “I am me, I do things that make me feel happy, I don’t think that I am anything special or extraordinary, I am just someone leading an ordinary life. Moreover, you should not have any opinions about me. Why? Because I am serious about work and I am serious about life. You are just miserable behind your screen, jealous that other people’s lives are more fulfilling than yours.”

Here’s a look at some of the pics that started all this comotion.