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In the past, anytime we come across one of these real-life Barbie stories, it’s only natural to cringe a little bit. Because more often than not, they’re a total disaster. For once, our luck may have taken a turn for the better, and we have Yulia Kriger to thank for that.

Kriger is a model hailing from Russia, and as far as the whole Barbie look goes, she’s pretty damn hot. She claims her face is all natural, and the only work she’s had done is a breast enlargement.

According to the Daily Mail, she wanted to bump up in size to a D-cup, and why not? They…we mean she, looks great.

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“It means I can wear any dress that looks better without underwear and they look just great,” Kriger said.

Other than that, she claims the only modification to her natural look was colored contact lenses, but eventually she let those go.

So without further ado, we present to you a real-life Barbie that’s not a complete trainwreck.

С 8 марта, девчули😘🌹

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Просто жить, пока не умрешь, – уже тяжелая работа…

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