Apparently right now in Berlin, it’s cloudy with a chance of tequila Creative Commons

Have you seen those skittles commercials? You know, the ones where the skittles pour from the sky like raindrops? Well, imagine something similar to that except closer to actual clouds, but instead of raindrops, it was tequila that was showered on the unsuspecting people beneath it.

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From what we can tell, this is actually a real thing. At the Urban Spree compound located inside an art gallery in Berlin, Germany, the Mexican Tourism Board revealed a gas cloud that rains tequila. Real, genuine tequila was turned into a gas to create a floating cloud of awesomeness that rains tequila when prompted to do so. For those that aren’t patient enough to let a shot glass fill up from tequila vapor, there’s also a tap to shorten the wait time.

The only question I have is where the hell was this thing when I was in Berlin last summer? Now, I have a perfect reason to go back, not that all the beer wasn’t already a good enough reason.

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