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From scotch to bourbon and all of the varieties in between, there’s just something about whiskey that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But clearly, not all whiskies are created equal, and the folks over at Ranker tried to see exactly how each stacks up when they interviewed 20,000 whiskey lovers to see what they thought was the best on the market.

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From 10th to first, here are their choices:

Johnnie Walker Black Label, Glenfiddich, Jack Daniel’s, Crown Royal, Knob Creek, The Glenlivet distillery, The Macallan distillery, Maker’s Mark, Jameson Irish Whiskey, and Woodford Reserve takes the top spot to round out the top 10.

The favorites of the participants cover a wide array of different whiskeys offering totally different tastes. But the one thing that stands out is that the best tasting whiskey on this list comes from The good old United States and is made right over in Kentucky.


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