Coors is bringing back this boozy wine cooler you may remember from back in the day Miller/Coors screen shot

With the latest craze of bringing back countless favorites, and not-so-much favorites, from the ’80s and ’90’s, it’s only fitting that this sparkling clear boozy beverage make its way back into the picture. If you were in high school or college in the early ’90s, then the name Zima will probably ring some bells.

Zima was Smirnoff Ice before there was Smirnoff Ice. It was part of the clear-liquid craze that swept over the country in the early part of the decade, the same craze that introduced the world to Pepsi Clear (which has been back in stores on a limited basis since last summer). Zima was all the rage when it was introduced nationally back in 1993 by the Coors Brewing Company, though a decline in sales forced Coors to discontinue the product in 2008.

With the chatter about Zima’s return though, it has a chance to be all the rage again in 2017. The specifics are still unknown regarding when it will hit the shelves, but a tweet from Zima’s twitter account says that it’s already been shipped to distributors.

So, until you get your hands on a sixer (for your wife or girlfriend, of course), here’s a couple commercials from back in the day to help you take a stroll down memory lane.

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