Feast your eyes on the beer that actually tastes better at 35,000 feet YouTube Screenshot

Whether it’s a long or short flight, nothing’s better than kicking back, relaxing and enjoying a nice cold beer while flying commercial. The people over at Cathay Pacific airlines have decided to make that experience all the more enjoyable with Betsy beer, which is specifically crafted to actually taste better at 35,000 feet.

Based on studies that show that low pressure, humidity and other various factors lead to things actually tasting different at varying altitudes, Cathay Pacific, in conjunction with Hong Kong Beer Co., have calibrated the beer for optimum taste while soaring high in the sky.

The beer is named after the first plane of Cathay Pacific, a DC-3 airliner that was named, well, Betsy.

If you’re flying from Hong Kong to London, or the other way around, and plan to use the airline between March and April, you should give this specially designed brew a try. That is, if you’re flying business or first class anytime soon. Come on, everyone knows that living the high life comes at a price.

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