Free Bud Light promotion in England causes a hooplah after way too many homeless people got boozed up @DailyMirror/Twitter

Free beer is normally cause for celebration, but it was more like the opposite in England recently during a Bud Light promotional campaign.

In a effort to reintroduce the brand to the U.K. after a failed attempt in 2001, Anheuser-Busch sent a truck filled with Bud Light to Liverpool’s city center yesterday and promotional staff began handing out cans to passers-by. The problem was that most of those recipients were homeless people and that ended up causing quite the commotion.

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Several of them fell asleep right there on the sidewalk with cans of Bud Light next to them. Another homeless man bragged about collecting a “trolley full” of free beer.

Area residents and shoppers took issue with the scene, and it wasn’t long before City Center councillor Nick Small swooped in to break up the party. The vehicle was forced to leave the area soon after. Small said it was irresponsible and wrong for the company to give free alcohol to street drinkers and homeless people.

Anheuser-Busch was quick to apologize for the incident but the fortunate ones that managed to snag some free cans would undoubtedly call the campaign a smashing success.

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