Hero beer drinker takes the “chug or die” challenge and cannot be stopped Facebook/Barstool Sports
Facebook/Barstool Sports

A man testing the limits of his chugging ability was clearly up for the challenge of drinking his way out of danger.

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Video of “Chug or die” from Barstool Sports’ Facebook page shows a man in a ‘Murica tank top with a plastic cylinder over his head, waiting for a bucket of beer to be poured

Facebook/Barstool Sports

Then the real fun started.

Facebook/Barstool Sports

There are no words to describe how ridiculous this looks.

Facebook/Barstool Sports

But the dude didn’t have any issue getting his head back above water, errrr, we mean beer.

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The only quibble we have is that he didn’t finish all the beer. At the end, he just takes off the cylinder and the rest of the brew goes with it.

So we’ll rate this one an 8.5 out of 10.

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