If you always thought that pee was the one ingredient your booze has been missing, then this Danish brewery has just the beer for you Barstool Sports Screenshot

If you thought you’ve seen everything when it comes to beer making, think again.

According to CBS News, a brewery in Denmark is now producing a beer called “Pisner,” a pilsner made of piss. Our first thoughts were that you’d have to be a pretty serious alcoholic to drink a beer that uses pee as an ingredient, and apparently we weren’t alone. That being said, the brewery has been getting some pretty awesome reviews for their new method.

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Norrebro Bryghus is located in Copenhagen, and the brewery converted to an organic facility four years ago. To make their Pisner, they recycled the urine and used it to malt the barley. Normally, they’d use traditional animal manure or factory-made fertilizer products, but instead they were able to use 50,000 liters of recycled urine from urinals at the largest music festival in Northern Europe.

“In the beginning, a lot of people thought that we had a filtration where the pee went directly into the beer, but that is of course not right,” managing director of Norrebro Bryghus said.

“In the beginning, there was a lot of left and right sides, opinions about this project. But now when people understand what it’s all about, I think that it’s okay.”

The initial urine obtained from the music festival was enough to produce 60,000 bottles of beer. The next step is deciding if they will continue to put the pee in pilsner.

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