If you thought craft beer couldn’t get any more hipster, sewage water beer is now a thing WTMJ/screenshot

Stone Brewing Co., which, for the record, has some good brews like Arrogant Bastard and Delicious IPA on its roster, is now experimenting with a beer called “Full Circle Pale Ale” that is made from treated sewage water.

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Although it is not yet up for sale, the beer was sampled last week in San Diego water and taste testers didn’t seem to think it was crappy, although Mayor Kevin Faulconer has a reason to say that it tasted “fantastic” and “delicious.”

In San Diego, there is a thing called “Pure Water San Diego” going on. The program intends to have Ron Burgundy’s city using a third of its water from recycled sources by 2021. The Times of San Diego reports that it’s a $3 billion dollar initiative.

Stone Brewing Co. Senior Manager of Brewing and Innovation Steve Gonzalez told KGTV that it’s one of the best pale ales he’s ever made.

“Among the pale ales that I’ve made, it’s probably in the top three,” he said. “[It has] caramel notes, some tropical fruit notes. It’s a very clean tasting beer.”

“Try it first, I suppose. You won’t be disappointed,” he added.

Stone Brewing isn’t the only place trying something like this.

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Meanwhile in beer haven Madison, Wisc., the Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District is bottling up something called Nine Springs Effluent Pale Ale at the Nine Springs Golf Course, a beer just like “Full Circle” brewed from waste water.

It was supposedly done for World Water Day.

Water treatment guy Ralph Erickson at Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District said “people are really responding well.”

“The guys at the treatment plant were a little bit caution about sampling our treated water and effluent beer, but people are really responding well,” he told WKOW.

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