What could be more American than a knife made with beer, bacon and french fries? YouTube screen shot

If there were a contest for creating the most American knife of all-time, then YouTuber, Green Beetle, would easily walk away with first prize. The knife in question is one he simply calls the fastfood knife, or the ‘Murica knife.

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The master blacksmith began by creating his own steel by combining Tums, with iron. We’re sure there was some scientific reason for that, but we’re here for the knife, not the science. Once he had his steel, it was time to start crafting the blade, then cooling it in what else? Beer! Once the blade was complete, it was time to adhere a handle to the booze-dipped blade. What better to use for the handle then some french fries and bacon, enclosed in a clear resin.

While the knife is extremely sharp, as indicated in the video, it’s probably not the most practical. But it is pretty damn cool.

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