When it comes to pregaming, apparently the U.S. is not the drinking juggernaut that it used to be Photo by Marco Di Lauro/Getty Images

Pregaming, the practice of getting all boozed up before a night of drinking and debauchery, is as American as apple pie. Or is it? One would think the entire concept behind pregaming is something that we can take credit for and claim that we do it the best. But apparently that’s no longer the case.

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In a recent study, more than 65,126 people from 25 countries were studied using data from the Global Drugs Survey. According to the compiled data, Ireland now holds the crown for drinking before a night out. According to the study, the results of which were published last week in the Drug and Alcohol Review journal, 85.4 percent of the 1,883 Irish surveyed admitted to drinking alcohol in a private setting before heading out.

After hearing this, we thought the U.S. had to at least be second, but we didn’t even crack the top five. Norway came in a close second, with 80-percent admitting to pre-gaming, with New Zealand, Denmark and the UK rounding out the top five in that order. Greece, on the other hand, was at the opposite end of the spectrum, so at least we’re not the worst pregaming nation out there.

Now excuse us while we attempt to get the U.S. back to its rightful number one spot. Cheers!

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