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If you ask anyone what the most essential ingredients for a romantic evening are, most people will tell you that a bottle of red wine is absolutely required. Did you know though that your wine will do more than just taste good with dinner? On Valentine’s Day and beyond, a good bottle of vino can actually be doing double duty for you folks who have lovers to romance.

Even if you’re not a Casanova on the daily, don’t get discouraged. We’re willing to bet that even he had a few tricks up his sleeve when he wooed women – namely red wine.

After much laborious research, scientists determined that 1-2 glasses of alcohol is the ideal lubricant for both social and sexual encounters.

How Does Red Wine Affect Your System?

When you take your first sip of alcohol, immediately you body begins to experience a chemical reaction that causes you to relax, open up, and generally feel more at ease. Essentially this sensation is the manifestation of “liquid courage” that we hear so much about.

However, there is a finite window between which you go from sober and stagnant to an effigy of yourself engulfed in your own emotions. This happens after about two drinks. After that, your performance goes down – driving isn’t the only thing you should avoid while drunk!


Between 1 and 2 drinks, researches found, is the ideal level for maximum confidence, performance, and success.

The Casanova Study

Naturally, this study on the effects of red wine on your sex drive was conducted by Italian researchers. Go figure. They know what they’re talking about.

While all alcohol in moderation helps get things moving and increases sexual pleasure and desire, none has more benefit than red wine. In both sexes the effects are readily apparent.

For females, the compounds in wine actually enhance the chemical levels of desire within the body. Much of this is a result of increased blood flow to a woman?s erogenous areas. As this reaction is a chemically sped up version of a natural effect, it’s safe to assume red wine is indeed effective in heightening desire.


For men, the same holds true: the flow of blood to essential areas is also increased by red wine. However, this tinted libation also increased the level of testosterone within the male body. This means that not only are men primed by a couple glasses of wine, but their sexual appetite is also raised.

Too Much of a Good Thing

Researchers emphasized though that moderation is key. After more than one or two drinks, the alcohol begins to take a stronger hold which can result in a less pleasurable experience. If you’ve ever had too much to drink and have felt dizzy, ill, or like an emotional puddle, you’ll know what they are talking about.

So this Valentine’s Day it appears that the best prescription for a good evening is a bottle of wine for two. Pop the cork out of your favorite red wine and split it with your special someone.

That way, you’ll both get the ideal amount in your system to leave you relaxed and ready for whatever the evening brings.

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