A man took this beautiful woman’s life, and a judge has ensured he’ll never forget his terrible crime Infome via Twitter

A judge in Georgia has ordered a man who killed an 18-year-old girl when his tractor trailer rear-ended her SUV to carry a photo of her as a reminder.

Daniel Crane 50, pleaded guilty last week to second degree vehicular homicide in the August 2016 crash that killed Atlanta high school senior Summer Lee, the Associated Press reported.

Crane’s tractor trailer was traveling northbound on Interstate 75 just south of Atlanta when he slammed into the back of Lee’s SUV and pushed it into five other vehicles, killing her and injuring seven others.

Daniel Crane via 11 Alive TV

Judge Rusty Carlisle sentenced Crane to two years probation with 60 days to serve in jail and credit for time already served. The judge also told Crane he was adding his own condition to the sentence and ordered him to carry around a picture of Lee and a copy of the statement her mother read at the hearing for the rest of his probation.

“…I believe in my heart Summer would want me to forgive you, but please know the difference in forgiving and forgetting,” Kimberly Lee read to the court from her handwritten statement. “…I know through my faith I must forgive if I plan on seeing her again when my day comes, so I would like to say I forgive you.”

In a subsequent interview, Judge Carlisle told the AP that despite the mother’s heart-wrenching words, he felt that Crane needed even further reminding of what a horrible tragedy he had caused.

“I said to myself, ‘This fella needs also to be reminded of the fact that she forgave him and of the life that he took,'” Carlisle said. “It may stay folded in his pocket and he may never look at it, but if he knows he’s got to pick it up every morning and put it in the pocket of whatever clothes he wears, then maybe that will make him think a little bit about what happened.”


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