A South Dakota man who cared more about beer than his own life found himself in trouble with the law Keloland Media screenshot

When you’re young, saving a beer from certain doom — like falling to the ground and not spilling a single drop or passing out cold with your beer upright and still intact — is seen in a heroic light. Albeit in a comical kind of way.

We don’t know exactly how old the dude was that got arrested over the weekend in Sioux Falls for ignoring police and firefighters and rushing back into a burning building to save his beer. But even if he was at that tender age where beer supersedes all else, he deserved to get locked up.

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Officials said two people were treated on the scene for smoke inhalation and another was taken a local hospital. Incredibly, karmic retribution isn’t part of the story, and the beer dude was not among the injured.

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