A West Virginia man allegedly broke into his grandma’s house to charge his phone, but that’s not what has him in hot water The Smoking Gun screen shot

After telling police about breaking into his grandmother’s home to charge a phone, a West Virginia man was arrested for stealing her surveillance system.

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According to reports, Tristan Tucker was charged with the burglary of a relative’s home in St. Albans, which is located 10 miles west of Charleston.

Tucker turned himself into police, after learning he was wanted for questioning. Tucker admitted to breaking out a window in order to gain entry. He told police he entered the home to charge his phone, but admitted to watching porn and masturbating while the phone was charging.

He didn’t want his grandma to see him pleasuring himself, so what better way to get around that than to steal the surveillance system? He could’ve deleted the footage from the DVR, but instead opted to steal the entire system, which he told police he’d tossed into a nearby river.

It was later determined that he had hidden the security system, which was later obtained. Reports state there was footage of Tucker entering the residence on numerous occasions, but it wasn’t confirmed as to whether or not footage of him masturbating was on the device.

Tucker is being held in the county jail in lieu of $10,000 bond.

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